Week 7

The Sun that Lost its Shine
by Great Wilbraham Primary School

  • All the children wrote scripts for a film to make, and they then voted on which story was their favourite and therefore the one they would turn into a film.
  • They chose The Sun that Lost its Shine, written by Lilly M, and decided the best way to make the film would be to use stop motion animation.
  • All the children worked in small groups to animate different scenes, and they then added all the scenes together.
  • This resulted in a mix of different techniques used to animate the film.
  • The children chose the music from the 'Incompetech' website which is royalty-free.
  • All the children worked together to make the closing credits of the film. 
  • Guided and supported by Miss Fitzwilliam
Judges Comments:

An excellent animation film with a strong sense of visual impact and creative use of stop- frame. 

The art work complements the story very well with good use of set, drawings, cut out and dialogue.

Great use of 3 different types of animation that gave a good flow, due to good variety.

Great voice performances and animation on the sun face.

The script supports a clear narrative and the atmosphere of the film brightens thematically towards the end

2014: Year 2 Category Winner