Week 4

Water Dreamout

by Girton Glebe Primary School

  • An abstract film and soundtrack by Oak Class, Year 3, Girton Glebe Primary.
  • This film originated from our science work on mixing materials. The children filmed a range of interesting liquid mixtures. They then edited their clips and added effects in Adobe Premier Elements. Finally watery soundtracks were created using Dance Ejay and the clips were combined into a class film which we decided was very dreamlike.
  • Oak Class, Year 3, Girton Glebe Primary School
Judges Comments:

Beautiful idea! Amazed to see how this science school project evolved into a work of art!
Dreamlike imaging, very well edited into one movie. Very good choice of sound effects which reflected abstract character and unpredictability of the animation. Very good usage of special effects. The mirrored image looked especially interesting.

Very original. Outstanding creation!
2012: Primary Best of Festival