Week 2

Being in Reception
by St, Matthew’s Primary School

 A short documentary made by reception children to show new children coming into reception what to expect and what school is all about.  The children:
  • Chose to make a film to show new children coming to Reception from Nursery what school was all about.
  • Filmed lots of aspects of their school day over a period of two weeks, then chose which bits to use in their film.
  • Helped edit the footage, chose the music and opening title and came up with ideas for how best to sequence all the clips.
Judges Comments:
A really well made animation that showed both imagination and film making talent. The puppets all looked great and the stop-motion had a fun, comic sense of timing. Good use of time lapse also.
The music choice was good as it helped set the tone nicely.
2013: Foundation Stage Category Winner