Week 12

by William Westley Primary School
We decided to make a stop motion film using our split pin joined skeletons from our human body science topic.  
Over the weeks we planned to incorporate all of the 10 pieces of music in one film.  
The class bounced ideas around and decided that one of the skeletons would go on a wonderful adventure.
The children worked in groups and then we gathered our ideas into a plan.
The children worked in groups and all of the class were involved in all aspects of the film, namely planning, taking pictures and making props.  The movie was filmed using an iPad and the Stop Motion Studio app by Cateater.  
Judges Comments:
  • Good choices of music from the 10 pieces to accompany the skeletons journey with some interesting production points.
  •  Story seemed to start a bit disjointed but came together for the end.
  • I feel that with better song transitions and more accurate cuts this short film could be very good. Still enjoyable to watch however!
2015: 1st Place -  10 Pieces Inspired Category