Week 11

Stickman's Escape
by Over Primary School

  • A film mixing live action and animation
  • Created by Year 3s and 4s in Animation Club. 
  • We created the storyboard together, then decided who was going to create each section of the story.
  • We used a free download, Pivot Animator to animate the stickman on screen.
  • We used another free download, Jellycam, to create the stop-motion section.
  • Copyright free music and sound effects were put together in www.soundation.com, an online 4-track mixer
  • The final editing was done in Window's Movie Maker.
Judges Comments:

Very creative story, I didn't expect the stick man to leave the computer screen!

The 'Virtual' scene where the stick man went to Australia was a great idea!

Impressive voice acting too!

Very entertaining!

2013: Year 4 - 1st Place