Week 10

Elephant's Child
by Cherry Hinton Primary School

  • After lots of work in science on creating shadows using different materials, the whole class divided into groups.
  • We had scriptwriters, puppet makers, puppeteers, voice artists and camera crew.
  • The children adapted Rudyard Kipling's story and made puppets out of card and various other materials.
  • They used an overhead projector to create shadows from behind a white screen.
  • Afterwards they added voice, music and sound effects using Audacity and Windows Movie Maker.
Judges Comments:
A lot of thought and work has gone into models and set preparation.

Smooth animation – very well planned.

Fantastic cut out figures and background.

Very professional voiceover - Interesting and engaging narration and storytelling.

Very inventive usage of traditional equipment with amazing end product!
2012: Year 3 - 2nd Place