Spring Term - Film Making Courses

24th January 2017
A number of courses are being run in March 2017 as part of the run up to this year's Film Festival. 
For further information, prices or to book a place please contact The ICT Service (Courses) 01480 376670
INTO Film Stop Motion Animation Level One
(3rd March 2017 9:30am - 3:30pm)

 Watch, analyse and create animations. Explore narrative, planning and design though claymation, silhouette, paper cut and pixellation animation. Learn how stop-frame animations can be made in the classroom using a range of technology such as digital cameras, iPads and smart phones, and edited using a variety of programmes.

The session will also examine the ways in which animation can be used as a framework for a range of curricular needs, encouraging active learning and help raise attainment for a range of assessment objectives.

INTO Film Advanced
(10 March 2017 9:30am - 3:30pm)

Recommended for participants who have completed the Stop Motion Animation Level One, this course involves a range of new and exciting activities that provide a progression route and can be used to raise higher order thinking and literacy attainment through predictive encoding, storyboarding, placing shots in sequence, linking film and literary texts and examining setting and genre.

Each activity is designed to help build on a learners comprehension, analytical and writing skills and includes an opportunity for curriculum-focused film making and extended writing.

Green Screen Time Machine - A Practical Experience Session
(7 March 2017 2:00 - 4:00pm)

The Green Screen Time Machine experience session will provide Classroom Teachers, TAs and SEND staff  with the opportunity to come up with fresh ideas to help and inspire pupils in their writing and to develop their film making skills .
Support pupils as they ‘travel back in time’ to visit the Egyptians, Romans or Greeks.  Using the Green Screen Technology they could present a report ‘live from Cairo’ or ‘live from outside the Parthenon’.  This technology makes it possible for children to participate in an animation/film set anywhere in the world – they could be chased by a dinosaur or report from the World War I trenches – the creative possibilities for inspiration are as wide as your imagination.
Course attendees will learn, through full participation, the principals of using green screen technology. The session is hosted at the TV Studio set up at Burwell House.  Delegates will use the TV Studio and green screen technology to learn new skills useful to help inspire pupils get interested in film making and to create their submissions for the next Children & Young People’s Film Festival.
54321  Live Action Film Making  
(14 March 2017 2:00 - 4:30pm)

In this workshop learn how to make a live-action short film from start to finish. your film will have 5 shots, 4 people, 3 props, will last 2 minutes and have 1 area of focus.

No prior knowledge or special equipment required,