For teachers

The True Story of Film Making

Or what we think it’s all about!

We are in no doubt that the moving image engages children in a unique and powerful way and children as young as five are showing us just how involved they want to be in all aspects of making movies.

Teachers know the worth of film, its links with the computing curriculum and digital literacies and how it can contribute towards the improvement of reading and arouse hidden talents in children’s creativity, oracy and writing.

Many children arrive in school already knowing quite a lot about film. But now many of these digitally native, cine-literate young people don’t just want to talk about the moving image, they are getting involved and telling their tales through the camera lens. 

They are thinking carefully about the story they want to tell or the message they want to share, making informed choices about how to tell these stories and constantly developing the skills they need to make this happen and share their creations.

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