Best of Festival Primary Sponsored by ARM:
Ballet of the Snowflakes - Ermine Street Church Academy
Best of Festival Secondary:
Jane's Film -  Kimbolton School
Best Newcomer Sponsored by Cambridgeshire County Council Awarded to Murrow Primary Academy
Primary Category Winners 2017
Foundation Stage: Award Presented by Harley Bird 
  • 1st Minibeats Misadventures: Hemingford Grey  Primary
  • 2nd Class 1 and the Beanstalk: Burrough Green Primary
  • 3rd Growing: Huntingdon Primary
Year 1: Sponsored by Virgin Media Business
  • 1st Respect the Rainforest: Cherry Hinton Primary
  • 2nd When we Grow Up: The Lantern Primary
  • 3rd Banquet Day: Crosshall Infant SchoolWith Special Commendation awarded for: Hemingford's top 10 Sea Creatures
Year 2: Sponsored by The ICT Service
  • 1st A Victorian Seaside Holiday: Peckover Primary
  • 2nd Late for School: Clarkson Infant and Nursery School
  • 3rd If We Lived in Victorian Times: Crosshall Infant School
With Special Commendation awarded for:
  • Three Little Pigs: Huntingdon Primary
Year 3: Sponsored by Cambridgeshire Culture
  • 1st Alex's Adventures in Bookland: Cherry Hinton Primary
  • 2nd If You Could See Our Imagination: Hemingford Grey Primary
  • 3rd: Bloxy's Building Adventure: William Westley Primary
 With Special Commendations awarded for:
  • The Big Adventure: Ridgefield Primary
  • The Invention of the Wheel: Jeavons Wood
Year 4: Sponsored by Playfords Limited
  • 1st Evil Eyes: Park Street Primary
  • 2nd Save our Sloths: Ermine Street Church Academy
  • 3rd How to be a Teacher - According to Children: Hemingford Grey Primary
With a Special Commendation awarded for:
  • How to Live Forever: St Alban's RC Primary
  • Defence of H.P.S.: Huntingdon Primary School
Year 5: Sponsored by Mick George
  • 1st Ballet of the Snowflakes: Ermine Street Church Academy
  • 2nd Time Travelling Through Art: Leverington Primary Academy
  • 3rd What is a Film?: Greta (Independent Entry)
With Special Commendations awarded for:
  • How to do Gymnastics: Robert Arkenstall
  • Dance, Dance, Dance: Fowlmere Primary School
  • Google Box: Mackenzie (independent Entry)
  • Silent Movies - Sporty Disaster: Manea Primary
  • Cowboys Vs Spies: Ana and Jack (Independent Entry)
Year 6 Live Action: Sponsored by The Luminus Group
With Special Commendations awarded for:
  • Accidentally Magic: Huntingdon Primary
  • James Bond - The School Years: Fourfields Primary
  • What Life is This?: Houghton Primary
Year 6 Animation: Sponsored by The Luminus Group
With Special Commendations awarded for:
  •  The Sleep Over Surprise: Leverignton Primary
  • The Jabberwocky: Rackham Primary
  • The Dreamer: Earith Primary
  • Shipwreck Chaos: Fen Ditton

Special School Winners

  • 1st White Mask
  • 2nd The Haunted House
  • 3rd Cyberbullying DP SM CC 
With Special Commendation awarded for:
  • Corpse Party
  • Fish President
  • Cyberbullying2
All of these films were submitted by Highfield Ely Academy

Secondary Winners can be viewed here but please note:
some of these entries are deemed inappropriate for younger viewers and may contain material that could be upsetting

  • 1st Jane's Film: Kimbolton School
With Special Commendation awarded for:
  • Lego Star Wars
  • 1st Intrus: Sawtry Community College
  • 2nd Escape: St Ivo
  • 3rd Wheels: Hinchinbrooke School
With Special Commendation awarded for:
  • Colour Mix: Kimbolton School
  • Fractured: St Ivo
Best Soundtrack
  • 1st Photofinish: Sawtry Community College
With Special Commendation awarded for:
  • Repeat - St Ivo