2011 Winners

Overall Winners

Best of Festival: Primary
“Road Safety Wizard”
by Westfield Junior School

Best of Festival: Secondary
“Desktop Adventures”
by Alex Gordon (Independent)


Best Animation
"Little Green Men"
 by Park Street C of E Primary
Best Soundtrack
"Why Be a Bully"
by Girton Glebe Primary
Soundtrack Commendation
by Bushmead Primary


Category Winners:

Foundation Stage: People Who Help Us

1st ~ 'People Who Help Us' by Class 1 Crosshall Infants

2nd ~ “The Little Fluffy Sheep” by Winhills Primary

3rd ~ “Emergency!” by Class 2 Crosshall Infants

Y1: In the Woods Today...

1st ~ “The Dragon and the Black Cat” by St.Anne's C of E Primary

2nd ~ “The Enchanted Wood” by Crosshall Infants

3rd ~ “Sweetie Land” by Milton Road Primary

Y2: From a Tiny Seed

1st ~ “Growing Plants” by Park Street C of E Primary

2nd ~ “Blackbirds: From a Tiny Seed ” by Spaldwick Primary

3rd ~ “Once Upon a Time” by Leo D'Apollonio (Independant) from St.Alban's Catholic Primary

Y3: If

1st ~ "If...” by Bushmead Primary

2nd ~ “If Animals Could Talk and Make Movies” by St.Anne's C of E Primary

3rd ~ “If a Monster Lived in My Cupboard" by Winhills Primary

Y4: Read All About It!

1st ~ “Read All About It - When Kiah Reads her Book” by Winhills Primary

2nd ~ “The Adventures of Roxy Moon ” by St Alban's Catholic Primary

3rd ~ “Whale Eats Fisherman!” by Colville Community Primary

Y5: Road Safety

1st ~ “The Road Safety Wizard” by Westfield Junior 

2nd ~ “Stop, look & Listen” by Milton Road Primary

3rd ~ “How to Stay Safe” by Fen Ditton Primary

Y6: Making the World Better

1st ~ “Litter Pickers - A Better World” by Burrough Green C of E Primary

2nd ~ “Wildlife Wars” by Peckover Primary

3rd ~ “Eco Animation - Saving Our Planet” by the Cambridgeshire Film Consortium

KS3: Open Category

1st ~ “Desktop Adventures” by Alex Gordon (Independent)

2nd ~ “Are You Ready To Learn?” by Longsands College Film Club

3rd ~ “Fair Food Minute ” by the Cambridgeshire Film Consortium

Primary: Behind the Sporting Theme

1st ~ “One of a Kind” by Fourfields Community Primary

2nd ~ “Behind the Scenes: Tennis Coach” by Fourfields Community Primary

3rd ~ “The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Coaches” by Westfield Junior

Teach Flicks

1st ~ “Big Owl is Missing!” by Mr Catley from Newnham Croft Primary