2008 Winners

Overall Winner

Best Film:  “Time Adventures Of Flittin’ Fred” by Kings Hedges Primary


Category Winners:

Foundation Stage: Traditional Tales

1st ~ “Hansel and Gretel” by Crosshall Infants

2nd ~“Three Little Pigs” by Park Street C of E Primary

3rd ~ “Jack and the Beanstalk” by Thriplow Primary

Year 1 and 2: Travel

1st ~ “The Mysterious Tree” by Eastfield Infants

2nd ~ “Race to Space” by Eastfield Infants

3rd ~ “Lily’s Journey” by St Alban’s Catholic Primary

Years 1 and 2: Environment

1st ~ “Polar Bears” by Eastfield Infants

2nd ~ “Endangered Animals” by Park Street C of E Primary

3rd ~ “My Favourite Environment” by Thriplow Primary

Years 3 and 4: Adventure

1st ~ “Thunder Plate The Movie” by Park Street Primary

2nd ~ “Mr Hooo’s Adventure” by Spaldwick Primary

3rd ~ “Dolphins” by Thriplow Primary

Years 5 and 6: Science Fiction/Fantasy

1st ~ “Time Adventures Of Flittin’ Fred” by Kings Hedges Primary

2nd ~ “Bad Day at the Lab” by Kings Hedges Primary

3rd ~ “The Perfect Pupil” by Houghton Primary

Years 5 and 6: Global Matters

1st ~ “Dreadful Deforestation” by Wheatfields Primary

2nd ~ “Journey of Two Carrots” by Teversham Primary

3rd ~ “GM Foods” by Newton Community Primary

 Secondary Winners can be viewed here but please note:
some of these entries are deemed inappropriate for younger viewers and may contain material that could be upsetting

Years 7, 8, 9, 10: History, Food, Science Sport

1st ~ “Why is Italian Food so Popular...?” by Longsands College

2nd ~ “Recylcing in Great Britain” by Hinchingbrooke School

3rd ~ “History of the Cup & Saucer” by Longsands College

Years 11, 12, 13: Open

1st ~ “Starting Again: Life After Death” by Oliver Fynn-Brand (Independant)

2nd ~ “8 Ball” by Cromwell Community College

3rd ~ “Wrongbery” by Alconbury High

Special: Open Category

1st ~ “A Day in the Life of Samuel Pepys ” by Samuel Pepys School

2nd ~ “Message” by Granta School

3rd ~ “Footy Match” by Samuel Pepys School